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Kingwhale Wins 2023 Renewable Energy Markets™ Asia Awards

2023 Renewable Energy Markets™ Asia Award Winners

2023 Renewable Energy Markets™ Asia Awards were presented to Kingwhale on 27 April 2023 in Singapore for promoting the adoption of clean energy.

2023 Renewable Energy Markets™ Asia Award Winners
Allotrope Partners
AT&S (China)
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Kingwhale Corporation

Kingwhale Corporation
Kingwhale Corporation is a leading performance textile manufacturer for global brands that are committed to innovation, performance and sustainability. Kingwhale is also a sustainability leader in the textile industry. Kingwhale is the first textile manufacturer to join RE100, pledging to use 100% renewable energy by 2040. The company has completed solar installations in all its Taiwan factories, and continues to invest in renewable energy storage. Kingwhale’s Vietnam factory purchases REC to match 100% of its electricity use. The company is in the process of building a 94MW energy storage facility, and also develops projects in Taiwan to encourage corporations to increase their use of renewable energy.

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