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Planet is the only place where we’ve found various life forms, thrilling and interlocking with each other. Our strategy is to utilize fewer resources and clean energy to save our Mother Nature.

To reduce the carbon footprints and lower the overall harms, we are committed to use 100% renewable energy by 2040. Kingwhale is the first textile mill in Asia Pacific to join the RE100 initiative. RE100, led by the international non-profit The Climate Group, states its mission as, “To accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale.” The Climate Group brings together large, influential organizations, such as Kingwhale, that are all committed to taking ambitious actions to combat climate change.
“The RE100 initiative was the next logical step for us,” said James Huang, president of Kingwhale. “We understand quite well that textile production can be very demanding on our natural resources, and that’s why we take sustainability very seriously. For years Kingwhale has set an example for our industry, showing others it’s possible to create great products while minimizing waste and energy consumption, and now I hope others will join us in our commitment to 100-percent renewable electricity.”
Kingwhale has completed solar installations in all Taiwan factories, and continues to invest in renewable energy storage. Our Vietnam factory purchases REC to match 100% of its electricity use.

Kingwhale is also one of the advocate members of Taiwan Association of Green Energy Transition to promote carbon trading. We launch projects in Taiwan to encourage corporations to increase their use of renewable energy. Furthermore, we develop advanced wastage management system for energy, water, and hazardous chemicals, maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the impact.

The Mother Nature loves us the most and would offers everything for us unconditionally. We believe all humankind must honor her sacrifice and work together to create a more sustainable world. 




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