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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Kingwhale Wins 2023 Renewable Energy Markets™ Asia Awards.

Reducing the impact of our business on the environment is a priority at Kingwhale. We have strict process and quality standards in place to reduce waste, we use sustainable materials and “green” processes whenever possible. 

Kingwhale’s Vietnam factory has already runs on 100 percent renewable energy and the whole organization is well on track to achieving ambitious targets in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And as you might realize after you look into them carefully, each goals are connected with each other in some ways, forming a full circulation just like nature.

Kingwhale aim to support the UN and its objectives. We divide the goals into 3Ps, “Planet”, “People”, and “Product”, which is the direction we’ve been following. Now we have increased our focus on the transition towards a more circular economy.  Though we might not be perfect, perfection is always the final destination for us to reach in order to save our Mother Nature. Together, we can create a world that is not only sustainable but also prosperous, equitable, and just.





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