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Kingwhale holds a great deal of respect for the world around us, both as a responsible corporate citizen and as a supplier to our partners. We make every effort to ensure that our facilities meet or exceed all applicable local laws, and seek to apply the same standards of fairness and respect wherever we do business.

Our commitment to sustainability starts with advancing our standards for production resources and raw materials. We do everything possible to reduce environment impact in production. First, we have L.I.T® technology- reinventing textile manufacturing by modifying molecular structure of yarn to dye fabrics at lower temperatures. The L.I.T.® technology results in less waste, fewer resources and lower energy.

Furthermore, We are on a journey towards only using more sustainable materials such as biodegradable, bio-based, recycled, and circular yarn. it is essential for Taiwan to increase resource efficiency by moving towards a circular economy. Beyond the evolution of performance and sustainability, Revio™ transforms discarded garments into new eco-friendly products. By creating Revio™ yarn, a revived polyester from textile wastes, we can extend the lives of clothing manufacturers and brands designed for reuse and repair. At Kingwhale, we will develop a new business model that will keep the products in use, by design, for as long as possible.


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