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Kingwhale has been dedicated to be the trustworthy partner that endeavor in innovation. Our R&D center creates all kinds of trendy, sustainable and customized development. With state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we provide various options from comfortable inner layer, warm middle layer to protective outer layer for all four seasons wear.

It is made from quality raw materials and constructed using advanced machinery to achieve the highest levels of functionality, weather protection, comfort and durability.

We offer three different series of layer-specific fabrics to get you started:
  •  Base Layer

    Premier base layer fabric with unsurpassedmoisture management and breathability, for a wide-range of uses
  •  Second Layer

    Insulation layer for highly-efficient regulationof core body temperature. Multiple weights to serve any need
  •  Outer Layer

    Outer layer to provide maximum protection, comfort and breathability

    in even the worst conditions
  • Sustainable Series

    Fabrics made from recycled, bio-based,bio-degradable raw materials to minimize environmental impact and maximizeperformance.



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